News from TBS on Rational Use of Medical Laboratory at the EFLM Website


Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS) Istanbul Branch organized a one-day symposium on “The Rational Use of Medical Laboratory” at Istanbul Training and Research Hospital, Health Sciences University, Istanbul, on 20 June 2018.

The Rational Use of Medical Laboratory was a project which has been prepared by the Department of Laboratory Services, the Ministry of Health. Many specialists from different regions of Turkey have contributed to the Project. The Project included important problems of laboratory medicine in Turkey such as rational test requesting, clinical practice guidelines, reflex and reflective testing, standardization of report format of laboratory results, autoverification, consultation between clinics and laboratory, decision limits and critical values, and harmonization of measurement limits. TBS has supported the Project with all its power for about 2 years.  

The Project has been completed now and will be implemented after August 31, 2018. Therefore the specialists of laboratory medicine should be prepared for the new mandatory practice brought by the Project. From this point of view, TBS organized this symposium and about a hundred of specialists of laboratory medicine from different regions of Turkey attended the meeting.

The speakers were the specialists who were taking place in the Project studies: Dr. Suat Hayri Kucuk, the past member of TBS EB, Prof. Muhittin Serdar, the Co-Chair of TBS Academy and the representative of Turkish Medical Association, Prof. Abdurrahman Coskun, the member of TBS EB and the national representative of EFLM, Prof. Mehmet Senes, the Treasurer of TBS, and Dr. Dogan Yucel, the President of TBS. In practice, all of the outputs of the Project need a smart IT system, so there were speakers from the laboratory/hospital information management system companies.  

During the Symposium, there were hot debates on the possible problems which the laboratory specialists will face after the implementation of the Project.

We think, the medical laboratory services in Turkey will tread steps to a higher level after the implementation of the Project.